ROL3 – Synopsis

Three women rotate unknowingly through the three roles of a murder plot – LEE, 35, a psychopathic narcissistic serial murderer on the hunt for her next prey; SAM, 35, a fame hungry celebrity life coach who has her own radio talk show groomed to be the next victim; and JUNE, 35, a police inspector trailing on the case. Their worlds collide when after killing her boyfriend who was trying to leave her, LEE anonymously calls SAM’s radio talk show to get her advice. Mapping out the multiple homicides with headless victims, JUNE begins to suspect that the mystery caller is the mastermind behind the killings and begins to hunt her down. However, LEE is quickly on the heels of the emotionally needy SAM and seduces her into a steamy affair. But SAM discovers LEE’s identity and soon becomes a headless corpse.

Every time SAM gets killed, the drama gets rebooted and they find their roles switched. By the second reboot, all three women would have been through all three roles. Are these three actresses auditioning for the three roles of a film, are they ‘real screen people’ who find themselves trapped in a super-natural memory-swapping time loop? How can they break free of this mad cycle?

Dark Places

Dark Places – Synopsis

The brutal murder of a lawyer’s assistant spirals into a web of intrigue as washed out veteran police investigator CHOU and his rookie partner, LOUS, start to encounter strange events of the otherworldly.

Although the series of hauntings surrounding the female lawyer who survived the assault grows increasingly horrific with even more lives taken, Chou remains sceptic about the supernatural and decides to use her as bait.

They hope to lure the wanted suspect, FRANK, the lawyer’s lover who is now missing. Meanwhile, Frank is held captive in a mysterious room, but must try to clear his name before the police catches him.However, all evidence is pointing at him.

How do you catch something you cannot see? Does justice apply to those of the underworld? It is a dangerous game they play, which will eventually lead them to the climatic revelation of the horrific truth behind these unspeakable murders.